A couple of weeks ago, I learnt an important lesson – there’s a difference between “you’re not understanding me correctly” and “I’m not explaining it well enough to you”. The former is a very Indian thing. We love passing the blame. The latter is an American (and possibly Canadian and Australian/basically First World) method of argument. I […]

His Last Laugh

Khushwant Singh, noted Indian author and journalist, died last to last week. I’ve been meaning to write about it, but my memory of him is like a warm, if foggy feeling and I didn’t want to put it to paper yet. But, here we are, talking about the man, because he deserves an audience. I’ve never […]

To the Team behind Threes

Yes, I would love to see him in Threes.

Today, I read one of the most awesome blog posts I’ve ever read about the creation of something. The post was by the team behind the popular mobile game Threes (yes, the one that spawned the even more popular 2048 series of games) detailing the 570 emails and 45,000+ words exchanged between them over a […]

How I Follow Blogs on the Open Internet

Colin Devroe’s post about Fred Wilson’s post about how hard it is to follow blogs on the Open Internet is interesting to me. Ok, before we go any further, yes, this is very meta. Yes, I could have written this entire thing as comments on Colin’s blog (no, it doesn’t support comments) or Fred’s blog […]

Facebook Cleanse

So, FB rolled out a new format and it’s ugly. So, I thought up a way to get rid of some of the bad UI they’ve thrown at us. This tweak works only on your desktop browsers. You need to download and install an extension called TamperMonkey for Google Chrome from here. On Firefox, you can […]

The Old India


So, I was reading about Xerxes, because I’ve recently watched 300 Part II and it’s very interesting how in a short period of time, in a very small part of the world, entire kingdoms formed and fell, armies moved across oceans and civilizations blossomed and razed to the ground. While reading about Xerxes (and this is […]

Thief: How Square Enix stole my money…

I recently finished playing Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition on the XBox One. It’s one of the best games I’ve played recently and certainly one of the best Tomb Raiders in the series. The game kept me on the edge, made me think, laugh, weep and go through the whole spectrum of emotions as I killed […]

Introducing MyFavColorApp

Hi, I’d like to introduce a new iOS and Android app today. It’s the MyFavColorApp. It’s a simple app with the following features – 1. You login and create a profile. You can connect other social networks and can see the profiles of your friends. 2. You select your all time favorite color. That becomes […]

A brief update on Fever/AppFog

Recently, AppFog sent out an email telling us that free accounts will be further restricted in what features and resources they are will receive. This felt like a major issue for me at that time, since I have Fever running on the service and I’ve dedicated close to 1 GB of RAM to the app. […]

A short note on Bootcamp/Windows

I got my hands on my brother’s awesome 15″ Macbook Pro and seeing the 500 GB hard disk, I decided to try installing Windows 8.1 on a small 50 GB partition. After an evening wasted, I realized what the problem was. After scouring the Apple forums, I realized that I have to give Windows an […]

The Cake Economy

I looked over the class. Some were bored, some where mentally absent and a few of the front row people were busy taking notes. This had been a boring class, covering financial systems and economies. I’d been droning on myself, without realizing the effect I had on the class. So, I decided to step out […]

Notes for Week 2 of 2014

So, it’s been an interesting week. Some observations – Social Found this gem of a Difference between Facebook and Twitter – Facebook -  “Best Practices Making API calls directly to Facebook can improve the performance of your app, rather than proxying them through your own server.” Twitter -  “Caching Store API responses in your application […]

Smartwatch. Meh.

Samsung is talking about 800,000 shipped Smartwatch units. Yeah, whatever. No one’s buying them, no one’s talking about them. At least not in my part of the Internet. Here’s the thing. People call Samsung an Apple competitor. Really? Android fans jump to the HTC One now. The Fitbit Force looks more like a smartwatch than the Samsung […]


Death, come to me slowly and stand besides me like a friend for I will have lived fully by the time you come. Or, stand in attention like an enemy and let us fight till the end of eternity before you take my soul. But, do not creep up suddenly and take me with a […]

Sabji Acchi Bani Hai – Part 2

Scene 2 (Rahul goes home to his wife. Setting: Home, with a few chairs. The IT office is in the background, covered by only a thin veil, as if to depict that life always revolves around the office.) Rahul: Rajjo darling, kaisi ho? Din kaesa tha? Rajjo: Hai! Pucho mat! Kitna kaam tha aaj! Tang […]

Sabji Acchi bani hai – Part 1

Setting: A typical IT company office in India. 3 cubicles (cutouts) can be seen, Stage center back. Three men are sitting with backs facing the audience. They appear to be working. They are – Sumit in the Stage Right cubicle, Shanky in the Stage center and Rahul/Ashutosh on Stage Left. Loud sighs can be heard […]

Pablo Picasso – Words To Live By | waldina

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” via Pablo Picasso – Words To Live By | waldina.   Excellent words. Perhaps this is why I write. When daily life becomes too much, it is an amazing feeling to escape into a world where you have total control over […]

Tech Bloggers should sell their articles

tl;dr – Tech bloggers should sell articles to News companies, much like Reuters and AP have done in the past. GigaOm Pro is an interesting service. While most of the tech blogging industry is ad-supported, it has a subscription based model. It’s not unheard of, but surprises me that it works. I don’t have any […]